We are the answer when it comes to finding the appropriate candidates for your business. It doesn’t matter what industry, we find exactly what you are looking for.

Here are some examples of industries we currently cater to:



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Our job doesn’t stop when finding you a candidate; we also go through the Visa application process with each worker, ensuring an easy and seamless experience for both the employer and worker.

We are proud to say we DO NOT charge the worker for any of these services in order to maintain an ethical and legal standard that ensures the worker is not exploited and will too benefit from this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our main purpose at HandPicked WorkForce is to connect American Employers and Temporary Workers from Mexico.

How long will it take to have the workers on site?

If your company already has approval from the DOL and an approved petition for a NON – Migrant worker then we can consider roughly 40 days.

Does HandPickedWorkForce charge the workers any fees?

NO, we do NOT charge the workers for any of our services.

If I do not have an approved petition from the DOL, can HandPickedWorkForce help me with this?

Yes, please contact us.

How much does HandPickedWorkForce charge the employer for each worker?

This depends on the industry and the volume of workers needed, please contact us.

Does HandPickedWorkForce make sure I get motivated workers who know exactly what they have signed up for?

Yes, it is in our best interest to keep both the employer and the worker happy in order to build a lasting business relationship. From the beginning we make sure all questions are answered from both parties involved.

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Why choose HandPicked WorkForce ?

We are an agency specialized in recruitment, selection and placement of human capital, in which we duly select the people whose skills, abilities and knowledge are optimal to enter the vacancies that companies require.

We are committed to excellence, which is why we focus on building trust bonds with our candidates and clients to generate lasting relationships that can empower companies.

We are open to new ideas and concepts to improve day by day in a harmonious work environment and equality between our candidates and our clients to achieve a good quality in our service.

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Our main purpose at HandPicked WorkForce is to connect American Employers and Temporary Workers from Mexico.

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